I(‘m) Quit(ting) Sugar

Looks like my baking adventures will take a backseat for a while. I don’t say that sadly, though. I am thoroughly excited for this new adventure, and in the right mindset. Husband happened upon a book called I Quit Sugar by Australian, Sarah Wilson. She suffers from the same autoimmune disorder as I do (Hashimoto’s). It has only been since the birth of my daughter that I have truly had a problem with my disorder, which has brought on Hypothyroidism. Through struggling to find a GP that would actually listen to my problems, despite only a slightly abnormal reading on paper, to finally receiving a diagnosis after demanding further (probably expensive so therefore deemed “unnecessary” by the NHS) testing, I have since been placed on thyroid hormone, only to feel not a great deal improved. I’ve been referred to a specialist, but in the meantime, I’ve developed a desire to take back my health. So for the last few weeks, we have been researching the effects of sugar in the body and specifically in those who suffer from thyroid autoimmune disorders. You can read more about that here.

We bought two of Wilson’s books, I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar for Life. Technically, day one of our 8 week challenge begins Monday, but we have been experimenting the last few days with her recipes, namely her Coco-nutty Granola, Carrot Cake Porridge Whip, and Perfect Omlette with Baked Mushrooms.

Coco-nutty Granola.

I added some sesame seeds and sunflower seeds to mine and used 95g coconut oil. I also omitted the rice malt syrup as we just ordered ours from Amazon yesterday.

I’ve been a little coco-nutty myself, lately! I can’t seem to get enough coconut, which bodes well with this lifestyle. Wilson uses different forms of coconut in her recipes A LOT.

Hopefully blogging about our journey will help us be more accountable and track our progress. Another benefit (but certainly not the most important factor) of this journey is the amazing weight loss achieved by participants, remarking that they don’t miss the sugar at all! Their skin glows, energy soars, and their bodies feel like new. It is important to note that sugar isn’t “banned.” That’s not what it’s about. The 8 week initial cleanse is about recalibrating the body and killing the sugar cravings, then slowly reintroducing the better alternatives (I.e. fruit), enabling you to make better choices.

I’ve avoided using the word “diet” because it simply isn’t one. It’s a major lifestyle change. One that will, hopefully, transform this body more than just aesthetically.


3 thoughts on “I(‘m) Quit(ting) Sugar

  1. Good for you! This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I hope it helps you. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. Is it just cold turkey or how does it work?


    1. I hope so, too! I realised there was a problem when the weight was coming back on and I was sleeping a decent amount but still exhausted. They say it takes a while to “feel normal” after a baby, but it seemed like I should be better already. Sarah Wilson advises going slowly. The first two weeks are spent easing in, then four weeks no sugar at all (including fruit), and the last two reintroduce fruits again, but moderately. From then, it’s about avoiding the bad sugary things once you’ve conquered the cravings, focusing on healthy fat for energy. The idea of not craving sweets during an afternoon slump or in the evening after dinner is what I need most! You can check out her website, http://www.sarahwilson.com or http://www.iquitsugar.com!


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