IQS – Week 1

Day three of this new way of life, and I have to say – I’m doing pretty well. Even though the first week is a transition into letting go of the sugars in your life (think: half tsp instead of a full one in your tea or coffee), I have been completely sugar-free since Sunday. It hasn’t been without pain, though. Monday evening, I had the nastiest headache and felt nauseated, so I took a bath to help. If I ever feel unwell, no matter what ails me, a bath is my go-to cure. Except that time I had a fever and didn’t know it – nearly passing out taught me to always take my temperature first before soaking! Anyway, afterward I felt only a little better, so I went to bed but woke up the next day with a slight headache. Ridding your body of sugar is tough business! It just shows the drug-like effects of sugar. I really was feeling the withdrawal.

I have been eating pretty well, and our mealtimes have been far from boring! Monday for dinner, Husband made Summery Quinoa Tabbouleh and sea bream topped with Pea Herb and Almond Crush. I had the leftover tabbouleh for lunch the next day. I could have easily eaten the whole recipe to myself! It was delicious. I suppose it helps that my husband knows his way around the kitchen.

Nice, huh?

For my lunchtimes while in work, I recalled a recipe I had seen on River Cottage, prepared by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I love watching his programme, and often make note of his dishes. In particular, I have fallen in love with the tasty and super easy “Instant Noodles” featured in one episode. I didn’t follow this recipe in particular, but it is pretty difficult to mess up. I used: 

 one nest of thin, egg noodles 

stock powder 

garlic powder 

powdered ginger 

pepper flakes 


diced red pepper 


bean sprouts 

soy sauce 

 The quantities depend on the size of your jar. Yes, jar! The beauty of this recipe is that you can just chuck everything in a glass mason jar and tote it to work. Then just boil a kettle and pour! I helped mine along a bit by whacking it in the microwave for a few minutes. I don’t eat things like Pot Noodle, but in my not so professional opinion, this alternative is 1000% better for you.

I’ve really been getting into the “IQS” community, especially on Instagram. (My username is @nashnewton if you want to follow along!) It’s a nice feeling to know that so many others are making the same journey. I hashtagged “IQS” and “iqs8wp” (I quit sugar 8 week programme) on a photo of my red pepper soup from yesterday, and I even got a special mention from @iquitsugar in my comments. “Great pic!”

I felt pretty cool.


So at the end of Day 3, I’m feeling pretty good. Today was a co-worker’s birthday, and that meant sweet treats to resist. And resist them, I did. Feeling a little proud of myself!

It’s the kind of self-motivation that gets me excited to see where I will be next week. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “IQS – Week 1

    1. It was sooo good! It’s definitely on our “Make Again” list! And I’m doing great, thanks! I’m really enjoying all that I’m learning and experiencing. đŸ™‚


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