Baby, It’s Cold Outside [Have Some Soup!]

Writing lately has felt like an old, close friend – the kind you don’t see for years, yet when you meet again, it’s as if you were never apart. It always feels good to get stuck into a post, albeit today’s will be a bit of a mish-mash.

Earlier this morning, I had the pleasure of rolling out of bed when I very well felt like it, which does not happen often! Bug spent the night with her Grandad and Mamgu (Welsh for Grandma) and that meant I only had myself to get ready. Unfortunately, the weather has been horrendous lately, (winter is well and truly here) so before leaving the house, I went to put on my wellies which had been under the stairs. The nook under the stairs always kind of creeps me out, mostly because it’s dark and I’m pretty sure there are crawlies hidden throughout. Anyway, I went to pull one over my foot when I felt something. I had a little shriek, but thankfully, I found it was just a bottle of vitamins. What? (Meanwhile, all mothers of toddlers are nodding with complete understanding.) Then on goes the other boot. At this point, I’m fully shrouded in a false sense of security until I feel another something. Cringe! Ah, Fisher Price Farmer Brown! That’s where you’ve been hiding for the last 2 months!

After finishing work, I met the Husband in town so we could do some shopping. I could tell he wasn’t himself. So we picked up ingredients for an Immune-boosting Vegetable Soup that I found on Pinterest a month ago. The last time I made this for us, we all felt better the next day. It was like a super-soup! The only thing we’ve done differently is add a little soy sauce to encourage the Asian flavours and use chicken broth instead of just water. Pretty tasty!


We are determined to stay well and healthy this season! Do you have any immune-boosting tips or favourite recipes?


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